Calico Slam

CALICO SLAM SERIES: Updated January 11, 2015

Inspired by the Grand Slam of Ultra Running, which is the completion of the 4 premier 100 miler events in the country in one year, the Calico Slam recognizes runners completing multiple Calico Racing events.

Here are the rules and rewards:

1) Slammers must complete 4 Calico Racing events in any given 12 consecutive month event period. Runners may choose among all Calico Racing events which ones they plan to run, but note an event can only be used once regardless of the year to year date fluctuation.

2) An event may be used only once in the 12 month period, regardless of how the dates fall, as events may move up or back in the year due to holidays, weekends, full moon, etc.  For example: if you start with Red Rock Canyon in March 2015 you can not use Red Rock again in 2016 toward the same slam. They must be 4 unique Calico Racing events.

3) ANY distance may be used toward your Calico Slam, and you can mix and match. (i.e. you can run a 10K, a marathon, a 5K, and a 50K OR you can run all 4 races as half marathon distance) It is up to you!

4) Slammers who complete the slam will be distinguished on this website as finishers. This web entry will include the Runners’ name, race name, race distance, and race dates. This is not a competition; since Slammers may utilize different races to obtain Slammer status it would not be fair to compare finishing times on different courses. Slammers will be listed in order of completion date; most recent at the top.

4) There is no need to proclaim your quest for the Slam, though I would love to know about your pursuit! Upon registering for your 4th and final event for the Slam, please inform me via email at so that I can make necessary accommodations for your accomplishment! Please include your name as you want it to appear, race names, distances, and dates. **Your 2 week notice prior to your final event would be appreciated. 1 week notice minimum to guarantee your award is ready by race day. Notice given inside of 1 week to race day will either incur shipping charges, your pick up of the award the week after the race, or your collection of the award at the next Calico Racing event.

5) Special awards and designations will be given to Slam finishers. Due to the added cost of properly recognizing Slammers’ accomplishments, no repeat runner discounts will be given.

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The Calico Slam was updated on January 11, 2015 to reflect changes to the event calendar and to remain current. Prior to January 11, 2015 there were 4 Slam divisions: The Calico Slam; The Calico 1/2 Slam; the Calico Mega Slam; the Calico Progressive Slam. See below for details.

For a complete list of finishers from 2007- January 10, 2015 CLICK HERE

SLAM DIVISIONS (March 2007 – January 2015)

Calico Slam: The Calico Slam honors runners who complete the Marathon race distance at 4 Calico Races in any given consecutive 12 month period.

Calico 1/2 Slam: The Calico 1/2 Slam honors runners who complete the 1/2 Marathon race distance at 4 Calico Races in any given consecutive 12 month period.

Calico Mega Slam: The Calico Mega Slam honors runners who complete the Ultramarathon distance races, when available, at 4 Calico Races in any given consecutive 12 month period. Currently 4 Calico Races include an ultramarathon option: Angel 50 miler; Labor of Love 50K, 50 miler, and 100 miler; Devil 50 miler, and ET 51K. Due to the extreme heat nature of the Devil 50 miler I do not want to force people into this extreme event if they are not ready. Therefore you can elect to run the marathon distance at one of the races that do NOT offer an ultramarathon option, such as Red Rock Canyon. However, if you run Devil, it MUST be the 50 miler distance to qualify for the Mega Slam. For those of you including the Devil 50 miler into your Mega Slam- not to worry- it will be noted that you included this tougher race!

Calico Progressive Slam: The brain child of the first two inductees in April 2010, the Calico Progressive Slam was born! The Progressive Slam honors those runners who have stepped up in distance with each Calico Racing event they’ve completed in a 12 month year, starting with a 1/2 marathon or greater. Examples can be: Devil 1/2 Marathon, ET Marathon, Angel 50 Miler, Labor of Love 100 Miler. OR: Angel 1/2 Marathon, Red Rock Marathon, Labor of Love 50K, ET 51K. OR: Red Rock Marathon, ET 51K, Angel 50 Miler, Labor of Love 100 Miler. You get the idea!