Run As 1

Run As 1 Global Running Rox Relay

Congratulations on receiving your Run As 1 Running Rox! Someone must have thought you were really special to share this gift with you! Or if you found it, the universe knew you needed a virtual hug!

Today you have joined the Global Relay to spread love and happiness, and are part of our connected global community. Whether you are a seasoned runner, a recreational walker, or just stroll to the mailbox- you are now part of this movement!

Think of it as Pet Rock meets Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, meets Running Baton, meets Virtual Hug, meets Easter Egg Hunt. So hop to it and join RUN AS 1 Global Running Rox Relay!

The Run As 1 Global Relay launched on April 12, 2020 (Easter Sunday) amid global stay at home orders to slow the spread of COVID-19. Runners world wide are desperately missing races and the camaraderie of like minded people with a shared goal. Now more than ever we need to feel connected, and to give and receive positive energy during these uncertain times.

These gorgeous colorful Running Rox are uniquely hand painted with love in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! With feel good sayings like “U Got This”, “Inspire”, “Dream It, Do It”, “Be Magic”, etc they are sure to spread happiness in the darkest of days.  Each Running Rox is additionally painted with “Run As” so  recipients can log on and read the story, and continue the Rox journey worldwide.

Running Rox are perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand to carry on your run/walk, or tuck in your pocket, hydration vest, or purse. Enjoy your Running Rox for a few steps, or a few weeks- then it is intended to be passed on. Gift it to a friend or family member. Leave it along your favorite running route for another to find and pick up. Give it to a nurse, doctor, essential worker, or a perfect stranger. Create a scavenger hunt and challenge a group of friends to find it. Each recipient receives and adds energy and positivity to the Rox before passing it along again. One Running Rox can positively impact hundreds of people for years to come.

You received your Running Rox, now what!?

  • Leave it along your favorite route for a stranger to find and brighten their day.
  • Place it along your training run, then challenge a few friends to “race” to find it! Give as many or as few clues as you like!
  • Leave it on the doorstep of your favorite nurse or essential worker.
  • Create a scavenger hunt!
  • Give it to your training buddy to continue its journey.
  • Once we are able to race again, carry your Rox during the race, then pass it off to a total stranger at the finish line.
  • Mail it to your family or friend who lives far away.
  • Take it on an adventure close to home or overseas, then place it somewhere to be found.
  • Send it to school with your child to give to their favorite teacher, once school is finally in session (I know the end of homeschooling can’t come soon enough for many of you!)
  • Share your Running Rox story on social media and tag Calico Racing!

Let’s spread the love of running and community around the world and show this virus we won’t be kept down. We RUN AS 1!